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Peace of Mind - Essence of healthy living. Person invests his hard earned money in properties and does not have time to visit the properties such as residential plots, farm land, ancestral properties and building constructed. They would like someone visit the property and give them an update. The issue of not visiting their property always lingers in back of their minds and in some cases might wake you up in the middle of night. Unmonitored property can be illegally occupied and sometimes sold without the owner’s consent or knowhow..

People are very engulfed in their daily life and do not have time to visit their properties and keep the visit postponing. This postponement keeps on going up from weeks to months, months to few months and in some cases from months to years. NOW THERE IS A SOLUTION - The Solution is to register their properties in WatchYourSite.com.

Customer can register their properties on the portal, they can also specify their requirements. Once a property is registered in Watchyoursite.com portal by the customer. Customer information is very sensitive, we restrict the customer information to our field staff. Once a property is registered, our field staff visits the property and takes Pictures and an 360o view of the property. These are uploaded to the server. The customer can log on to the website and view the pictures and 360o view of the property. By viewing the pictures the customer get the picture of the property and the surroundings. The field staff can also comment on the surroundings and the property which the customer can view.

Disclaimer: Watchyoursite.com gives only information and thus noway guarantee the safety or responsible for watching the property, illegal occupation. Watchyoursite.com company, staff and any other subsidary cannot be held legally responsible, legally binded, witness or any legal matters.

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